Invisalign: A Higher Standard in Orthodontic Care

These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth.

It’s not difficult to see why Invisalign has taken the field of orthodontics by storm in just a few years.  Just look at an Invisalign aligner next to a pile of metal brackets and wires.  You will have probably decided which you’d rather have in your mouth before you learn anything else about the product.  When it comes to the advantages over old fashioned metal braces, however, the benefits that meet the eye are only the proverbial tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Let’s be honest, metal braces are pretty effective at doing what they are designed to do.  If they weren’t, nobody in their right mind would tolerate the burden of wearing them.  The problem is that a burden is exactly what they are.  They’re uncomfortable, they frequently cause injury, they inhibit good oral hygiene, they restrict your eating habits, and many would say they leave something to be desired from a style perspective.  Consider that laundry list of drawbacks for a while, and you may start to wonder if straight teeth are really worth the hassle.

The conditions that are treatable with Invisalign span almost the entire gamut of potential orthodontic problems.  It can be used to fix overbites and underbites, crossbites and open bites.  It can be used to close gaps and alleviate crowding.  These issues can be treated completely and effectively while avoiding the previously mentioned pitfalls of traditional braces.  In almost any case, Invisalign is the solution to your malocclusion.

As the name implies, Invisalign aligners are effectively invisible.  While this precludes it from becoming the newest fashion trend, it does negate what many perceived to be an unacceptable drawback to teeth straightening.  The aligners are form fit to your teeth, so they are also less conspicuous due to their being less bulky.

Being less bulky also makes Invisalign a lot more gentle on your teeth and cheeks.  Of course that’s not the only reason.  The lack of metal components and and pointy wires also helps in that regard.  If that wire breaks or the brackets pop off, the likelihood of oral injury is rather high.  In addition, your treatment plan is compromised until you can get back in to the doctor to have it fixed.

If you’d like to eat a candy apple while undergoing Invisalign treatment, you must follow these steps very carefully:  Remove your Invisalign aligners, preferably by grabbing them with your fingers and pulling them out.  Eat your delicious treat, then put the aligners back onto your teeth and go about the rest of your day.  At the time of this writing, none of our country’s top scientists have yet found a practical way to eat a candy apple while wearing metal braces.

Most dentists will tell you that the greatest benefit to Invisalign orthodontics, however, is the improvement to your oral health that comes from being able to easily maintain proper dental hygiene habits during treatment.  Actually, the process is very similar to the one described above, except you replace eating a candy apple with brushing and flossing.  Aside from allowing normal access to be able to clean your own teeth, you also avoid subjecting your tooth enamel to the trauma of having pieces of metal attached to it only to be pried off at a later date.

With the many and varied benefits to Invisalign orthodontics, it’s no wonder why a steadily increasing percentage of patients are opting for this course of action rather than old fashioned braces.  Contact our office today for a free consultation.


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