Dental Implants Available to Fort Worth Patients

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It’s no wonder why dental implants are among the preferred options to replace missing or unhealthy teeth.  Implants are more functional and natural looking than most of the major alternatives, and they often require less maintenance or replacement.  In addition, implants can save existing healthy teeth by protecting and preserving jaw bone and eliminating the need to modify healthy teeth that often comes with getting a bridge or a partial.  The decision to get dental implants is a significant one in anybody’s life; choosing which dentist will do the procedure is an equally important decision.


Choosing a dentist that can provide you with comprehensive treatment for your dental implant is key.  Continuity in care is about minimizing coordination and maximizing convenience; it reduces the risk of miscommunication between offices and provides the patient with the peace of mind that comes with being on the same page with one practice from the beginning of the process until it’s finished.  


For some people, having their tooth replaced means an appointment with an oral surgeon to have the unhealthy tooth extracted.  Then they see another doctor to have implant post placed.  This alone can involve multiple appointments, especially if bone grafting is needed.  Advances in surgical techniques allow practices like Dr. Hutchison’s to consolidate multiple procedures into a minimal number of visits.  


It is also important to choose a dentist that not only offers a wide range of options when it comes to your care but has the experience and expertise to explain said options.  If you go to a practice that specializes only in placing implants, that is almost certainly going to be their primary recommendation in the vast majority of situations.  By going to a practice that also offers crowns, bridges, fillings and more, you can ensure that you keep your options open and retain your ability to make an informed decision.  Dr. Hutchison also utilizes various forms of anesthetic and sedation, so that aspect of the procedure can be customized for the patient as well.
Of course, as with any surgical procedure, good hygiene is essential to ensuring successful implant placement and proper after care.  Who better to oversee your before and after oral hygiene care than your regular family dentist?  For your dental implant needs, no practice is better suited to handle your diagnosis, treatment, placement and maintenance than Mansfield Dental Center.


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