Do You Need a Smile Makeover?

A healthy, confident, smile is a huge indicator of happiness and wellness.

One could argue that the power of a smile has been overstated.  Some might even say it’s cliche.  The simple fact is, however, that the health and frequency of your smile goes a long way toward determining how you are perceived by others people in your personal and professional life.  

For some of the more conservative minded, the idea of going to any doctor for cosmetic work conjures thoughts of vanity or superficiality.  Those are certainly not the primary motivators behind most cosmetic dentistry, however.  For one thing, the aesthetic of one’s smile is often an indicator of one’s actual dental health and wellness; having a cosmetically sound smile is usually essential to maintain ideal oral health and functionality.  Many dental procedures, such as crowns and orthodontics, serve both cosmetic and functional purposes.  

The quality of one’s smile also has a number of psychological ramifications.  Smiling helps to keep stress at bay.  Making a regular habit of smiling helps to elevate mood and combat depression.  It’s important that we be confident in our smiles.  A study done by Academy of Management Journal suggests that “faking” a smile can actually be a source of stress and mental fatigue.  Of course many who are uncomfortable with their smiles choose to hide them, smiling rarely or not at all, which can lead to various personal and interpersonal complications.  

Dr. Hutchison’s office in Fort Worth, Texas offers a wide range of whitening, straightening, and restorative procedures to help get virtually any patient on the path to their ideal smile.  Depending on the patient, a smile makeover may entail any one of a wide range of treatments, or a combination thereof. 

One of the more commonly sought cosmetic procedures teeth whitening.  Dr. Hutchison is a tremendous source of information on the myriad options for teeth whitening available on the market today.  He also performs various safe and effective whitening procedures for patients at his practice.  

Another important component to your smile’s aesthetic is its straightness.  With so many people seeking an alternative to the archaic metal bracket and wire system, the practice offers two cutting-edge, metal-free orthodontic treatment options.  Invisalign and Six Month Smiles have both received national acclaim from both doctors and patients, and Dr. Hutchison has achieved impressive results for his patients with each.

The line between restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry gets blurry when teeth become damaged.  For this reason, Dr. Hutchison takes great care to maintain the highest standards for both form and function with his restorative treatments.  

Veneers are often used to treat discolored, chipped, or malshaped teeth.  These thin shells are custom fitted to the front of the teeth, and can also help to strengthen the structural integrity of teeth that are still relatively healthy.  Crowns are often used to treat and preserve teeth that are more badly damaged due to breakage or decay.  For teeth that are not salvageable or already missing, Dr. Hutchison offers dentures and partials as well as implants.

While doing your homework is always a good place to start, getting a consultation with a professional is the next step for anyone with serious aspirations to improve their smile.  Contact Dr. Hutchison’s office today to discuss how best to makeover your smile!


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