Who is the Best Dentist in Fort Worth, Texas?

Who is the Best Dentist in Fort Worth, Texas?

Best Dentist in Ft. Worth?

“Who is the best dentist in Ft. Worth, Texas?”

It’s a question that gets typed into Google thousands of times every day, and plenty of dentists proclaim themselves the best. But did you know, that in most states it is ILLEGAL to call yourself the “best dentist“? It’s true. Why? In large part because calling yourself the best dentist in Fort Worth is misleading. Everyone can — and probably will — have a different, unique experience at a dental office. So being the “best dentist” to one patient might not mean anything to another patient.

So what do you do when you’re looking for the best dentist in Ft. Worth? Here are a few suggestions:

Ask Your Friends

If you trust your friends — and if they are your friends, you probably do trust them — ask everyone you know who they have had a great experience with. At our practice, the largest number of new patients come from referrals by our existing patients, which we take a ton of pride in because it shows that the people who come to see Dr. Hutchison are comfortable sending their friends and family to us, too!

Call the Office

It’s difficult to make an educated decision about your dentist without first talking to the office. We always encourage prospective patients to give us a call at 682-302-0803 and ask as many questions as you would like. If calling isn’t convenient, we have a form on our website that we check every day. Just ask any questions you have to help get a feel for our practice (you can find the link here: contact form).

Check Out Their Website

Dental technology and techniques are moving rapidly these days. While you certainly can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can get a good feel for a practice’s ability to adopt new ideas in dentistry based on their investment in their website. Is it new and modern? Do they provide candid information? Do they answer your questions and try to help you make a decision, or do they just have an online business card that sells their services? These very well could reflect the way the practice views everything

Don’t use this strategy alone, but take a look at any office’s website and then either call or use their contact form to ask more questions.

Take a Tour

Most offices will gladly have you come in and take a tour of their practice. If you time it right, you can also often meet the doctor to see if it may be a good fit. Choosing a dentist is a big decision… if you aren’t 100% sure, visit the office and get a better feel for the team and the doctor and the facilities.

Bottom Line

While it’s easy to ask Google “Who is the best dentist in Ft. Worth?”, you won’t get a reliable answer… not without doing some leg work of your own. Make some calls. Ask your friends and family. Visit a few offices. And most of all, trust your instincts!


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