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Start getting the sleep you need, make sleep apnea a distant memory

Sleep Apnea Rethink Treatment

What is Sleep Apnea? It’s a potentially serious disorder, that happens when a sleeping person stops breathing intermittently. People who suffer from sleep apnea repeatedly stop and then restart breathing periodically during the night. By definition, suffers stop and start breathing a minimum of five times per hour throughout the night. Diagnosing┬áSleep Apnea? Many people who have it snore loudly or feel tired even after...

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What You Didn’t Know Your Dentist Knows

I bet you didn’t know… You probably didn’t know that poor oral health and bad home brushing habits can lead to full body disease and illness. ┬áDentist know more about your overall health than you might guess. When your dentist sits down and individually checks each of your teeth for cavities, simultaneously double checking the depth of tissue pockets at the gum line they are...

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