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Periodic dental exams prevent gum disease and tooth loss

Gum Disease, Real Threat to Health

There’s gum disease, and then there’s Gum Disease Clearly you can’t have healthy teeth without first having healthy gums. Gums serve to protect the base of the teeth, where connective tissue anchors them to jawbone. Left untreated, gum problems can lead to tooth and bone loss. Knowing what you can do to keep your gums healthy will help you preserve not only your smile, but...

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Regular appointments with your dental professional is an important part of preventing gum disease.

The Dangers of Gum Disease

If your mouth were a rock band, your teeth would be the front man.  They get all the attention, and are often viewed as the most high-maintenance component of the whole operation.  You often hear of people getting their teeth cleaned, or having a toothache, or having nice teeth.  You don’t often hear ladies say, “Wow, that guy has really healthy gums!”   If we’re...

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