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Sugar is not the only villain hurting teeth.

5 Things Wrecking Your Teeth

5 Things you probably don’t know are wreaking havoc on your teeth   1.) It’s Not Just Sugar When it comes to cavities there’s another villain you might not know about. Foods with a low–pH are just as capable of weakening tooth enamel. Fruit juice, diet soda, sour candies work against teeth by softening the enamel. Over time this allows the strong, protective outer layer...

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These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth.

Invisalign: A Higher Standard in Orthodontic Care

It’s not difficult to see why Invisalign has taken the field of orthodontics by storm in just a few years.  Just look at an Invisalign aligner next to a pile of metal brackets and wires.  You will have probably decided which you’d rather have in your mouth before you learn anything else about the product.  When it comes to the advantages over old fashioned metal...

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